The Attentive Eye Photography Show at the Hurwich Library, Alliant International University, Emeryville
The Photographer

Peter Y. Sussman, a longtime resident of Berkeley, Calif., is a retired journalist and author who was drawn to photography late in life and embraced it with a passion. In 2014, five of his photographs were selected by a professional jury for an exhibit of the work of older local photographers sponsored by Ashby Village at the LightRoom Gallery and Tomate Café in Berkeley. “The Attentive Eye” at Alliant International University in Emeryville, Calif., is his first solo exhibit. More of his photos can be viewed on his Flickr page.

As he developed his technical skills over the past decade, Sussman gained an enhanced

appreciation for the valuable role of photography and other arts in shaping the ways we see and process the world. He detailed some of his thoughts on that topic in a presentation at the opening of the exhibit. That talk can be read here.

In the Alliant show, which is based in the Hurwich Library and its study rooms and extends through nearby corridors, Sussman has intermingled with his photos a number of quotations and poems that he feels help illuminate the role of photography and the importance of “active seeing.” Some of those quotations are included in the accompanying slide-show preview of the Alliant exhibit.